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21 years ago the Russian leadership and secret services unleashed the war in Abkhazia (Georgia)

Abkhazia - war

21 years ago, on August 14 of the year 1992, after years of preparatory work, the Russian leadership and secret services unleashed the war in Abkhazia (Georgia).
The results of the war were quite tragic. That included the destruction of once prosperous Georgian province (also known as" the Georgian Riviera") but one of the gravest consequences of that war was the series of mass murders of civilians basing on their ethnicity.

As a result of that ethnic cleansing, some 300 000 residents of Abkhazia (in fact, the majority of her pre-war population) were brutally murdered or expelled from their homes just for being Georgians. Thousands of representatives of other ethnic communities of Abkhazia including but not limited to the Armenians, Greeks, Russians, Estonians and Jews, were treated the same way just for "being sympathetic towards Georgia".  At the same time the minority ethnic group of Apsua (often mistakenly called "the Abkhazians") that had been provoked by the Kremlin to perform mass murders of their compatriots, also lost about 10% of their total population thus suffering severe "genetic damage".

Well.. Well... Welll... I know! Who the hell cares about some 300 000 Georgians? Or some other people about whom the majority of the English-speakiers never ever heard? Nobody! Because the public attitude towards mass murders is very selective. But, anyway...

For those of you who would like to enjoy the views of the "liberated" (Russian-occupied) Abkhazia, please welcome to take a look here. You will see the same ruins that can be seen in all other territories that were taken over by Russia during the 20th century from Finland, Poland, Germany, Japan, etc...

The list (not the full one) of the civilians brutally murdered by the Russia-sponsored and protected terrorists can be found here.
Various other photographs devoted to the war of 1992-93 гг. are here.
And here you can find the statistic data on the changes of ethnic composition of Abkhazia before and after the war of 1992-93.

For those who do not mind reading books, here is the full English version of the book written on the topic by Dr. Svetlana Chervonnaya
Another interesting material written by a secret service veteran, can be found here. Anyway, lots of information that may help to form your own opinion.

Meanwhile, you may want to be prepared... because the Kremlin may repeat the same scenario in many other areas of the world starting with the Baltics and ending .. god knows where....
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