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The Beginning of Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

Look what is going on at the Eastern frontier of the Ukraine!

The last 48 hours saw Russian invasion of the strategically important Crimean peninsula. However, the elite Russian troops involved in all the military operations act with all their insignia removed, so that it is hard to prove their belonging to the Russian armed forces.
This style is far not new. Ottoman Turks used similar methods in the Caucasus at the end of World War I (1918). Red China did the same during the Korean war (1950-53). The Soviets attempted to apply the same method in Eastern Estonia in 1990-91. Well... the veteran KGB leaders of Russia were taught military history (unlike their opponents) and they are cynical enough to apply such  methods in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

On the other hand, the West keeps “expressing deep concern” but refrains from any action. Indeed, the West has a long tradition of encouraging aggressive cannibalistic regimes (such as the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler) as long as there is an unfounded illusion that they will not dare disturbing our “comfortable democratic nirvana”. But they will disturb it. In fact, they never stopped dong that since 1918.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine is in a very awkward position. Imagine, what would happen if the Ukrainian army would start fighting the armed gangs that are now taking over the Crimea (and you may be sure that  other East Ukrainian territories will soon be invaded as well)? At that moment the Kremlin will declare that the “Ukrainian Nazis” (that is how they call the Ukrainian people) are “massacring ethnic Russians” and will launch a full-scale invasion. So what should the Ukraine do? Well, probably, it is important not to succumb to provocations and at the same time try to secure the remaining part of the Crimea. It would probably a good idea to form special military and police units loyal, of course, to the Ukrainian government that would be manned by ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians with specific insignia. Such government units may help bringing the situation under control without being blamed in "committing reprisals against local Russians".

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” (that is how they call the Ukrainian people)-с--only boeviks of right sector and other ultra-nationalist gangs

By "they" I meant "the Kremlinites" only.

but "kremlinites" ,i sad as georgian who hate Putin,to admit,are right about ultra-radikal gangs who are not consider concede power to civilian authorities
maybe you know about Sasha Bilyi who instructed with automaton in hands the prosecutors how to act right--this is example of gangs who are embedded with revolutionists
this is no example of the democratic path they claimed advocating for

NATO should establish a no-fly zone over Crimea. It is technically feasible, given close proximity of Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. An aircraft carrier could assist too.

They should have exhausted all other mean of leverage on RF. This doesn't seem to happen yet.

By the way, the beginning of Russian military operation in Chechnya started almost twenty years ago in nearly the same way: the "unidentified" Russian troops.

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