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Andrei, Fira and Pitch (December/2016) - а new book by international musical genius Andrei Gavrilov

Andrei Gavrilov, according to critics, is among the world’s greatest concert pianists.  His father was an eminent painter but it was his pianist mother who not only encouraged and taught him to play the piano but, more importantly, taught him to throw himself emotionally into his performances; something that has distinguished him from his counterparts.   In 1974, he won first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition and in the same year made a triumphant international dèbut at the Salzburg Festival. Since then he has enjoyed an impressive international career which included performances with the world's greatest orchestras. After 1979, Gavrilov had to struggle with years of persecution at the hands of the Soviet KGB which included at least four known murder attempts. Fortunately for his fans he made his way to the west in 1984 calling both England and Germany home before he moved to Switzerland in 2001.

Gavrilov’s book captures the most meaningful episodes of his life. In it he shares his philosophical views on the major problems of the modern world that include but are not limited to totalitarianism, fundamentalism and the decay of our modern culture. It is a piercing view of the man behind the music. An added bonus are the anecdotes about other famous Russian and international celebrities, such as Malkovich, McCartney, Richter, Rostropovich and many others

The book is available on Amazon.
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