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By Andrew Andersen

Illustration: Hieronymus Bosch

Today it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that further development of creativity in the cultural vacuum of modern era is essential for the survival of our civilization.

Our civilization is clearly going through crisis largely caused by the loss of the clear definition of the sense of our existence. The three major pillars that support any civilization by defining the sense of existence of the human beings are the state, the church and the family. Nowadays, the transformation of all the three pillars in modern Western societies reached the stage next to decay and collapse.

The state elites tend to degrade, due to the current form of democracy which Plato would probably define as ochlocracy. In order to be elected into the upper echelons of power the elites have to follow the lowest instincts and impulses of the masses thus dropping the intellectual, cultural and overall niveau of the society. The church institutions evolutioned into either into purely bureaucratic organizations, or into sort of tea clubs for seniors (this statement does not refer to the militant Islamic groups that are clearly distancing themselves from the Western societies even being parts of them). As for the family… it definitely went through the transformation that resulted in its devaluation as well turning into loose confederation of individuals.

Facing the current situation the mission to keep and develop our civilization falls largely on the forth pillar and that is what we call creative arts. People still need and will need entertainment almost as badly as they will need and will need food, and here is the chance for those blessed with creative talents including the literary one. So let us get prepared to another renaissance. It is already on its way!

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