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Another cool book based on real events

After the Second World War thousands of German Nazi’s fled to Latin America for a safe refuge. Allegedly ODESSA, the organization of former SS members, had dealt with their escape and settlement. Humongous amount of money from secret Swiss bank accounts, where war criminals held their fortunes looted during the war, greased the operation.

In 1960s Latin America was in turmoil of revolutions; Cuba became a Communist country and a close ally of the Soviet Union. Soviet spy networks supporting varios leftist groups started expansion throughout the continent.

Revolutions though can not run on slogans only: they need money, and a lot of it. To ease the financial problem with foreign currency, the Soviet Government sent to Argentina a group of KGB operatives with the task to find the former SS members who kept their money in secret bank accounts, and extort these account numbers from them.

The gruesome undertaking worked. However, the American secret service, as well as remnants of ODESSA, traced the KGB group, although in their separate ways. Love, moral issues and tough choices in life and death situations make this novel a suspenseful and fast paced reading. It conveys the drama and tragedy of people drawn into the superpowers’ geopolitical struggle for the global domination.

Publication date: October 2011

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Tags: redistribution of stolen funds, secret services, thriller

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