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Georgian Parliamentary Elections: David against Goliath

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In the next few hours Georgian people will choose the vector of their country's further development. Georgia will either keep going along the road of freedom, right, dignity and prosperity, or slide down into the the typical post-Soviet cesspool of crime, corruption and further social degradation.

Despite the fact that these elections seem to be an exclusively Georgian issue, the current Russian administration cannot stand even the idea of normal democratic development in one of the parts ofits former USSR. In order to destroy the young Georgian democracy billions of dollars have been stolen from Russian taxpayers and invested into a marginal political movement that aims at the restoration of pro-Kremlin and anti-Western kleptocracy in a small country squeezed between Europe and Middle East. If the Georgians still dare to vote for independence and democracy, then... the Russian troops are already concentrated both at the Georgian borders and in occupied South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Heavy artillery is aimed at the  Georgian capital and the Russian Air Force is prepared to start bombing the hell of their neighboring country.

I  have no idea what choice are the Georgian voters going to make. However, I know that right now those Georgians who value their rights, freedom and dignity, are issuing the challenge to the enormous monster whose heart is somewhere near the Kremlin. That makes them similar to the ancient Biblical hero David who challenged the supremacy of the Giant Goliath.

Can modern David defeat Goliath? Hard to say...  Because in size and strength the opponents are not simply uneven, they are incomparable. Nevertheless, David won his battle many years ago so let us hope for the best. But even in the worst case scenario, it would be both honor and glory to challenge the monster that not only managed to dominate Russia but spread its influence deep into the well-developed democracies of Western Europe and North America that were much stronger than the little Georgia.
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